Iceland Day 4

Our flight is in the evening so we got to do some things before heading to the airport.





We walked down to the harbor, went shopping. I thought I wanted an Icelandic wool sweater, but then I remembered I’m allergic wool. We had an amazing fish lunch and headed to the airport. On the way we stopped and visited the Icelandic horses. Molly was in heaven meeting the horses.

We enjoyed first class seats on the way back to Denver (Molly slept 5 out of the 7hours in our arms) and a then quick southwest flight to slc which got us home about 1:30am. A big thanks to Julie for picking is up! What a fun trip.


Iceland Day 3

Today was a big day. We woke up to rain but that didn’t stop us from doing the glacier bay boat tour. Although looking back bring Molly on the boat may not have made us parents of the year. She was frightened, cold and wet. Once we got her under the captions shed and her life jacket off
It was better. I don’t have pictures on my phone of this because it was too wet to take phone out but I have them on the big camera.

After drying out we moved on to lighter rain and better weather to see more glaciers. We did some hikes, this time going one at a time because the rain started again and Molly doesn’t like the rain as much as Brian thinks she does.

At one of the glaciers a few tourists started taking me and Molly’s photo instead of the glacier-like we were famous or something. I couldn’t figure it out. I started getting uncomfortable and started ignoring them and one guy came over to show me a picture of me-it was me getting mad at Brian for going off the glacier lookout trail. Lovely.

Now we are back in Reykjavik for the night and tomorrow we will see if we can find some souvenirs and then head home to Utah.




Iceland Day 2

After a night with the midnight sun we got up this morning and headed to church in selfoss. What a nice branch. We ran into an elder from Payson who knows of Julie’s boys-Elder Tuckett. Picture below.
Then we ran into lots of people remember Jim and Janet. Such a fun experience. Now off to the glacier-5 hour road trip.





Iceland Day 1

We left Copenhagen early this morning and headed for Iceland. We got here uneventfully and got our car. We drove right to the Blue Lagoon and just looked and didn’t get to swim-On account of the pregnancy.

Then we got a picnic lunch at a grocery store and checked into our hotel. After that we set out on the golden circle tour. We hiked and saw the tectonic plates and where the Viking parliament first took place. Molly picked herself out a Icelandic horse figurine at the gift shop. I think it was the highlight of her day. She was so excited about that horse -she couldn’t put it down. She has been such joy traveling with (except when it come to bed time).

Later we got in the car and drove to a geyser that went off about every four mins. And the last thing we drove to was a huge waterfall! Gullfoss was spectacular.

We were starving by the end so I took our guide book’s recommendation and we went to this Thai restaurant. Bad idea, it was awful.

It’s 10pm now and it is still so bright in our room and Molly is fighting to stay awake. It is midnight in Copenhagen and we have been up since about 4:30am.






Copenhagen On A Bicycle Built For Us

We rented this family bicycle and rode around the city today. We saw everything on our list. The palace, a picnic at the famous harbor, the christus statue, Rosenberg castle, the palace where the queen of Denmark lives with her children and grandchildren and an amusement park called tivoli- which Is where Walt Disney got the idea for Disneyland from. (Think euro lagoon)

It was a busy day. Poor Brian’s legs where killing him by noon. He was the best for riding us around the hot city all day. Molly even got a nap in the bike cart.








Copenhagen around the City









We had a fun day today in the city. We went to the big Zoo this morning and it was fantastic. All the animals were out and so playful. This is the Zoo where they killed a giraffe and fed it to the lions because they had too many giraffes.

After the zoo we went to Fredericksburg castle and saw everything there including the Carl Bloch paintings and palace gardens.

Then Brian and I got a tour of the temple and did a session while Janet and Molly stayed at the apartment.

We temperatures were again so hot today. It was in the 80’s but Copenhagen has about an 80%humidity factor that makes it feel a lot hotter. This is unusual for the city so no place has AC (except the temple) but we are still loving our trip and having a blast.

Vikings and Ancestors

We left Skagen this morning after a Danish breakfast to go back to Copenhagen. Molly finally ate a meal that wasn’t cereal.

On our way we made several several stops in little towns to see where Brian’s Danish ancestry are from. We would visit the churches because they were typically the oldest building in the towns. We stopped at a Viking monuments from the 5th century. We also had a picnic lunch at a fjord harbor. The weather was in the 80’s today which janet says is the hottest it has been here for her ever. So much for all the sweaters I packed. Molly has had a great time. Her vocabulary has really come along ways this week. All of sudden she can say so any new words.








We drove to Skagen which is about 5 hours from Copenhagen. We stopped at this cute old Danish museum that has all these old Danish house from the 1600s on display. Reminded me of a pioneer village recreated with all the nicknacks. Then we stopped at a great bakery and filled up on Danish pastries. They we so yummy and fresh. We made it to Skagen later in the evening and walked the beach and let Molly play in the water where the North Sea and the Baltic Sea meet at the very top of Denmark. She loved the water but not the sand. We had a hard time getting her to walk on the sand.