Fun Saturday

I woke up to a new iPhone along with other birthday surprises this morning. It is so fun having a husband who spoils you on your birthday.

Later Brian went to Park City and gave a lecture to 75 people. (His biggest group from what I hear) Meanwhile, Grandma, Molly and I went to the Farmers Market at Gardener Village. Molly went to the small petting tent/stand there. It had baby lambs and bunnies. It was adorable. We had a blast with the lambs and bunnies. Then grandma took Molly to the doll shop and bought her a purse.


I posted from my new iPhone and the pictures got out of order, but you can figure it out. My iPhone has such a great camera. I hope there is no more fuzzy/blurry pictures.

20140628-213147-77507302.jpgMolly and Janey at the Knight’s BBQ. Lovin’ summer.



Molly at the petting stand at the Farmers Market.


We finished the night stopping by a wedding reception and a BBQ at the Knights house with the Slivkas. Molly loved the creamy. Julie did a great job hosting and did such a good job with the food. She coordinated it so it all was naturally gluten free.


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