Swim Party

Tonight the Kobes hosted a swim party at the Flamingo Pool. We swam and had hamburgers and hotdogs with all the fixings. This was the first time Molly got to use the kiddie pool and she was in heaven. All of us adults were in heaven at the end of the night because the kiddie pool got so warm it felt like a hot tub. In addition we had the whole pool to ourselves almost the whole night. 


Molly is getting so good at floating and controlling her body while floating. During her swim lessons she wanted nothing to do with practicing floating… but apparently she learned how. She was practicing floating on her back and her tummy (with her lifebelt of course). It was so impressive. She has no fear of the water. In the kiddie pool she could walk or float. Walking in the water, the water came above her waist but she could put her legs up and float too. I could have watched her play for hours more. This means next summer when I have a smaller baby we can still come to the kiddie pool and I can be on the side and Molly can be in the water. 


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