Sunday BBQ

We had a small Sunday BBQ tonight with just the three of us. I thought dinner turned out pretty good with minor effort. We had mushroom and swiss hamburgers (the hamburger patties were freshly made and seasoned by the butcher at Harmon’s) -Brian grilled them, sweet potato fries, wedge salad (which was a fun new take on a boring salad- one of my favorite parts of dinner)  watermelon and corn on the cob. I should have invited people over it was so good. Molly’s favorite part was the ketchup.  She loves ketchup. The fries are just a spoon for her to shovel the ketchup in her mouth with. She just licks the ketchup off the fry and then dips it again. Gross. 


This girl went to nursery today. She loved it. Although, when I picked her up they said she had one melt down but got over it. I loved the break and the cute picture she colored. She came home and was beyond exhausted. Here she is watching Winnie the Pooh while still waking up from her nap – of course while I am making dinner.  After dinner she went to have dessert with the Knights. She loves Maggie and the Bunny. She wanted to go see the bunny but Maggie didn’t. So I tried to take her and she slapped my hand and tried to physically grab Maggie’s hand and drag her to see the bunny. Adorable. Maggie is like her big sister. Then they did chalk together.  



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