What a day! Best birthday ever.








5th Sunday

We had an uneventful Sunday. Brian spoke in sacrament meeting. Everyone loved his patriotic message. Molly hit her chin on the bench in sacrament and had a mouth full of blood while Brian was on the stand. Of course she was being SO wild right before it happened.

Last night I was too tired to go to the store so I just dug through my cupboards and freezer to find something for dinner. I made homemade garlic rolls and made a ravioli type casserole with the frozen hamburger and ravioli in my freezer. It didn’t look pretty but it tasted ok. We had carrots and fruit with it. Brian made brownies for dessert. My favorite were the rolls. I could have eaten just those.



Fun Saturday

I woke up to a new iPhone along with other birthday surprises this morning. It is so fun having a husband who spoils you on your birthday.

Later Brian went to Park City and gave a lecture to 75 people. (His biggest group from what I hear) Meanwhile, Grandma, Molly and I went to the Farmers Market at Gardener Village. Molly went to the small petting tent/stand there. It had baby lambs and bunnies. It was adorable. We had a blast with the lambs and bunnies. Then grandma took Molly to the doll shop and bought her a purse.


I posted from my new iPhone and the pictures got out of order, but you can figure it out. My iPhone has such a great camera. I hope there is no more fuzzy/blurry pictures.

20140628-213147-77507302.jpgMolly and Janey at the Knight’s BBQ. Lovin’ summer.



Molly at the petting stand at the Farmers Market.


We finished the night stopping by a wedding reception and a BBQ at the Knights house with the Slivkas. Molly loved the creamy. Julie did a great job hosting and did such a good job with the food. She coordinated it so it all was naturally gluten free.

At least once a week we make it to our favorite Mexican restaurant “La Costa”. Brian and I went on our first date here, celebrated my graduation from college here and much more. Lucky, Molly is a big fan too. She loves using the chips as a spoon for the refried beans. We have about four different things on the menu that are our “go to” items of which we pick one and share between the three of us. The plates are HUGE! We always walk away stuffed. I don’t know how people eat here without sharing or have left overs for weeks. image


The other day at the park Molly tried to ride off with another kid’s tricycle. So I decided to get her one. I have been eyeing them since the show melted. It came in about a hundred pieces and I put it together. I just need Brian to hammer the wheels on tighter. Not to shabby. She is dying to take it outside!

Yesterday I was on a hunt for a cute patriotic wreath to hang on my front door. I tried Michaels and Tai Pan Trading Co. There was nothing. So while in the parking lot of Tai Pan Trading Co. I spotted the Waffle Love truck. I have seen it around town but I have never had me a waffle. So being pregnant I thought, Why not?image

Eh. I don’t feel the need to have another in my lifetime. Perhaps, I would have liked it better if I had Brian to share it with me so I didn’t eat the whole thing. It was topped with Nutella, strawberries and finished with a whipped cream/crème fraîche mixture ( I fed some to Molly and scrapped the rest off). The waffle itself was too crispy almost like it was fried- I like mine a bit softer.  All in all not worth the $8 and billions of calories.

One Small Frosty


Molly had quite the morning with our playgroup at the park. On the way home we stopped for a Wendy’s happy meal. I forgot they came with a small frosty. Molly didn’t bother with the hamburger but loved the fries and frosty. Not to mention watching Winnie the Pooh while eating. Fyi-She needed a shower after the frosty.


I have been working on my Visiting Teaching handouts for June and July. Because I was so late with June I could do July’s at the same time. Although, I haven’t finished July’s yet. But for both June and July I have went to this Blog and printed off her handouts, added a lot of ribbon and washi tape and taw-da. I love the mini spatula I found at Wal-Mart. It was the best quality for the price. I don’t know about you but I like quality kitchen tools- not Dollar Store ones. image

Next I made handouts for Activity Days next week. The girls love the handouts. And they are great for reminding the inactive girls in the neighborhood about our activities. One of the other leaders is decorating flip flops with fabric. (Old Navy is having their Dollar Flipflop sale this saturday!!!!!) I will have to post the activity- I’m sure it will be cute.

Long Day

We were up and at it this morning because we had a list of things to do and I forgot to take a picture. Though Brian and I had a nice evening together at Stake Conference. It was weird being in church without wrangling Molly. Thanks to Debbie for watching her. 

Last night we went and hiked to a waterfall in Pleasant Grove. After the hike we stumbled upon Strawberry Days where we enjoyed dinner at The Purple Turtle and then went to the fair and shared strawberries and cream. I did have an OB appointment earlier that day. The nurse quickly looked for the gender on a portable ultrasound machine while my OB was behind with another appointment and didn’t see the sex (legs crossed) but there is defiantly a baby there, she said it had a lot of “meat” on it’s bones. So we will go back for the formal anatomy ultrasound July 17th (20 week mark!!!!).