Disneyland Day 2

Today Molly was a complete Angel, she ate well, napped well and was in good spirits- unlike the day before. We did a lot of Winnie the Pooh and carousel-ing again. The weather was perfect low 70’s. Molly got on the Teacups and Jungle Cruise. I think Jungle cruise is in her top favorite rides.


She (and Brian) is beyond excited for Tigger. She couldn’t stop blowing kisses and giving him kissesImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImage

Molly still only has her two bottom teeth- adorable!


Brian got on all of his favorite roller coasters. Alone! He loved every minute.


One thought on “Disneyland Day 2

  1. First off, I am dying at those pig tails!! So cute. The pictures of her with Pooh are priceless. She almost looks as happy as Brian does on the roller coaster alone. Such a fun trip!!! I forgot you were going. It looks pretty busy, but I am sure it was still fun – Disneyland always is!

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