Shopper in Training


Molly today at Whole Foods. She loved pushing the cart.


Brian’s Birthday Party!

Last night we had the family over for a Birthday Party to celebrate Brian. It was a St. Patrick’s Day theme, since he actual birthday is on St. Partick’s Day. We did a raclette. Raclette is a Swiss traditional dinner. It is a grill on the table that you grill your meats and veggies on, and then there is  a spot for melting cheese that you pour over cooked potatoes and bread. We had steak, chicken, shrimp, asparagus, mushrooms, onions, cheese, potatoes, bread, cocktails and not to mention birthday cake with ice cream. -Two kinds of cake, Almond Joy (coconut cake with chocolate frosting with almonds and coconut in between the layers). Apple spice cake with caramel and cream cheese frosting. The apple spice cake was the winner between the two.Brians birthday invite3_edited-2


(the date was obviously changed)


Julie is so thoughtful! She made Brian is favorite brownies in a JAR! She is beyond thoughtful! I love her. Amy also gave Brian a jar of her strawberry jam! We LOVE jam! Thanks Amy! And also, My Mom gave Brian organize bags that keep your suit case organized- He will defiantly use them.


I told Brian that someday in our new house we need to have a bigger dinning room. He said, it is hard to get much smaller then the one we have. We had to rearrange the couches and the tables went into the living room. What a fun date night!!!! Thank you for all who came.




Activity Days-CPR/First Aid

In Activity Days I invited a retired Paramedic in our ward to come teach the girls CPR and general first aid. It was a blast. He brought all the CPR dolls. It was so informative. I think the girls loved it. I brought sugar cookies for the girls with little band aids made out of marshmallow fondant . I also made a little first aid kit for the girls. I put their names on the bags and filled them with band aids. They turned out super cute.IMG_3180


ImageImageImage ImageImage


Happy Birthday Lisa

All Lisa wanted was a fish cake. I didn’t think I could do it, but waaalaa. Inside is a spiced apple cake and caramel with a cream cheese frosting. We had a fun day getting pedicures and manicures, eating monkey bread and making salmon lunch.




Dad is Away

Dad is away on a trip. He has only been gone for a day and we already miss him like crazy. Today we went to the gym, park, cleaned the house, made a “fish” cake for Lisa’s birthday tomorrow and ate Rumbi Grill at home. Later we got a knock at the door, It was none other then… AUNT WEESA! Nothing but play play play when Aunt Wessa comes. She brought Molly some new toys (a zebra puppet and some creepy plastic critters). But the thing Molly loved the most was the pony rides she got around the house. Don’t worry Lisa got paid in Molly hugs and kisses galore! What would we do without an Aunt Weesa? We are so excited for her 25th Birthday tomorrow.


Attack Weesa!!!!!!

ImageIMG_3164 IMG_3158Image

Hard to tell who is having more fun?


We have been having some pretty spring like days. These past few days, Molly grabs a shoe or a book, goes to door and waits like a puppy. Sometimes she even starts whining to go outside. The other day Lisa brought the dogs over to play in the backyard. Molly LOVED it! she couldn’t get enough walking around on the grass and chasing the dogs. The dogs didn’t mind it either. Molly can even bark like a dog and kinda say “doggie”.



Julie did a fantastic job! What a play. Molly loved the whole thing!

I was looking though my phone and I found some stray pictures I have taken today and on Sunday.



This picture is with Molly and the two Williams boys- Aaron and Eli (no relation) I babysat them for only a few minutes this evening while their patents were doing some church things. They are so cute. Molly always loves visitors.


In honor of St. Patty’s Day I dyed the rolls green for Sunday Dinner. Sudden whim to be festive. They went along our corned beef and cabbage. Molly LOVED corned beef. I have never seen her love meat as much as the beef.image

Of course, Brian got a Mississippi mud cake…kinda, it is really just a brownie with marshmallows and chocolate frosting on top.image

Realizing I had all this food on Sunday I decided to invite some guests. Here we have Tom and my Dad. (tried to sneak a picture….)