I Love Valentines

I almost forgot about my little valentines this year. Made Brian a cookie arrangment with the best sugar cookies on the planet! These are from Great Harvest. I had to call and order these because they sell out before noon everyday. I will give this to Brian in the morning. Lucky for us he doesn’t look at my blog. image

In the basket is a 6 pack of rootbeer, dark Dove chocolate, Andes mints (love those) and a date card. We are going out to dinner and a movie on Saturday night. I have already schedule the babysitter.image


II had to separate myself from the cookies. They melt in your mouth- they are so soft. The frosting cookie ratio is perfect.imageWe also made cards with Molly’s cute face on them. We have a few ready to go to the mail tomorrow. .. Better late then never.


Molly on the other hand is having a hard time coming up with a gift for Dad. Her coloring skills aren’t quite there yet. She might just have to put her name on my card until next year. Or give him lots of kisses because she is good at those.


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