Pictures From The Zoo

Here are a few pictures from the zoo.

IMG_3009 IMG_3010 IMG_3011 IMG_3012 IMG_3013 IMG_3014


The zoo was so crowded. Molly LOVED the ball. It was her favorite thing there. She got all wet and loved every minute of it.




Story of my life. I clean I clean and this is what follows me. Today I spent all day cleaning my kitchen and mopping the wood floors upstairs. The part of floor that was bothering me was under the high chair. So much dried food stuck to the floor. I even got the fridge and microwave. Also, I tackled ALL the laundry! Go me. Next up, our bedroom and bathroom.


Tonight we went to Primary Children’s Hospital to visit our friends who was there with one of her sick kids. She is a girl (24 yrs old &2 kids- separated) Brian home teaches. Her 3 yr old son was dehydrated. We went up and brought her dinner and helped her out with her 1 year old because she didn’t have anyone else there for support. Lucky her son was sent home and we helped her leave.
Molly on the other hand had fun playing in the wheelchair and stickers. Although she was upset she didn’t get ice chips, gatorade or crackers that the other kids got.

It is so much better visiting sick kids then having one. Counting our blessings tonight.

I have been working on a baby shower and activity days on our dining room table. I’m getting carried away.


In honor of our first trip to the zoo tomorrow I made these animal sugar cookies. I can’t get enough sugar cookies. I topped them with a cream cheese frosting. They are just add good as Great Harvest or Smart Cookie. We are taking a few dozen of the animals to the zoo tomorrow to share with our friends from playgroup.


The day went by so fast I forgot to take some pictures along the way. In the morning Molly and I started our day out at the gym. Today was the first day in weeks that Molly did not cry when we walked into the gym’s nursery. And when I picked her up she was walking all around with the other kids. She is growing up. My workout on the other hand was brutally hard, I don’t think I will be able to walk tomorrow. Then Molly and I went swimming. We had a blast. Molly learned how to float on her back… kinda. She didn’t like the water going into her ears, but she tired. I predict lots of swimming this summer.  Later in the evening after we put Molly to bed, we watched the TV show The Bachelor together. What an awful example of how to treat and court women. I did get a picture of us curled up together watching it though. image

Sunny Day

Molly’s favorite thing at the moment is the slide. After church we went for a walk to the park so she could slide. She went on the slide about 20 times. She is really good at going down by her little self.



On our walk we ran into the kids that roam around one of the streets close by. These same kids are always outside rain or shine, shoes or no shoes. Sometimes for FHE we take brownies and pass them out to them. They know us quite well. The older ones (10 yrs old) I pick up for Activity Days but they are as young as 2 years old that run in this little gang. image

As you can see it was a beautiful day here. Best day of the year weather wise. That is how you know it was sunny- Brian is wearing his hat.image

After a indian curry dinner I made the best sugar cookies. These have cream cheese and sour cream in the dough! They are so soft and fluffy. I made one batch and forgot the sour cream, so I mixed in the sour cream at the end with my hands and made another batch thinking the first was ruined because it looked super dry. But then I baked a sample from both and they came out the same. So now I have A TON OF DOUGH! Good thing I like sugar cookies!  and I know some kids who might like some) 🙂 Now I need some frosting…..image


I am going to have to get a better picture, but I wanted to show Molly’s finger nails. I painted them red. 🙂 It went better then I thought. I thought I would end up with nail polish all over, but not really. She kept still and then I held on to her hands as they dried. Can’t wait to show those red babies off! Love it!image

This afternoon I left Molly with a sitter and I went to a Relief Society activity. It was a luncheon and the theme was “The Bread of Christ”. I liked all the bread baskets with an assortment of bread. They even attempted a gluten-free breadstick. I had no desire to try it- it looked like cardboard (sorry Becky). I don’t think you can see it in the picture. imageWe are so happy to have Brian home with us this evening. I thought it would be so nice for him to come home to warm chocolate oatmeal cookies. I was so excited about them because we haven’t had them in months. But they turned out a little crispy. And looking back now – I think I forgot half the flour. I guess could call them “half gluten” cookies 🙂 


Fun Night

Brian is away on a business trip tonight so Auntie Lisa, Molly and I went and played at the South Towne Mall. Molly loves Dino Towne there. It is a little toddler play area. As soon as we walked up to the area she could hardly stay in her stroller. We had a blast there. We will defiantly go back soon.image

And of course South Towne has a carousal so we had to ride it. Luckily, we only had to ride it once- I was getting dizzy. Did I mention Molly love “Zebra” She knows right where her zebra is at home and has to show me her zebra with her little finger pointing to it and trying to say “zebra” before bed and nap times. image


What a fun night. Next time we will have to come back with Dad. Molly was getting tired as we were leaving the mall she almost fell asleep on my shoulder – wish she would do that at church!



Tonight Brian took me out for a steak because I need more iron. Sounds good to me.


It is so hard taking Molly to a restaurant but Brian does a good job wrangling her.

Activity Days



Activity days tonight we had a ball. I invited my friend who is a dance teacher to teach the girls yoga and dance. I think they loved it. Then I put their names on water bottles and girls thought these were the coolest thing ever.