Molly’s First Birthday Party


We had such a fun party celebrating Molly’s first birthday. We had about 20 kids (9 babies and 11 toddlers) over to the house today for lunch. Molly was so excited she couldn’t take her morning nap. Lisa was a big help this morning. She came over and helped me get everything ready and was my assistant during the party. Couldn’t have done it with out her.



I was really happy with how the cake turned out. It was so moist and the frosting was perfect. It cut beautifully. Each slice looked perfect. I had just enough to send Julie and Maggie (who was sick) a slice home with Wendy.




Singing Happy Birthday to Molly.


Molly and Janey. So Nice of Janey to come. We love her!




Grandpa Bob made an appearance! So nice to have him. I think he was a little blown away by all the kids in my basement.


Molly now had more toys then I know what to do with!!!! She got a ton of presents.


Of course her books were her favorite.

We pushed everyone out by 2 and went to her 12 month doctors check up appointment. She got 4 shots and a stick in the finger. She was not happy. But then I gave her a sucker and she was happy- which is still lost in my car somewhere. The doctor confirmed that she is a very petite healthy child.



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