20131031_195855IMG_2432IMG_2382IMG_2394Halloween Night

We all got together at Julie’s house and helped pass out candy to the trick or treaters. Julie had soup and chili. I brought bread. Molly had two costumes. One was her Rapunzel and then when it was time to Trick or treat in the 50 degree weather she changed into her Giraffe costume that had a hood. Molly loved going to the five houses. Her favorite piece of candy was the regular sized Starburst. It fit in her hand perfectly. She clang to it all through trick or treating. After, her and Janey played at Julie’s house. They are so cute together. They will defiantly be bffs someday.




IMG_2246Neighborhood Halloween Party

I was in charge of the neighborhood halloween party this year. We had a Trunk or Treat and then a chili cook-off with carnival games for the kids. My little sister who just graduated from college did a Creepy Science show for the kids. It was one of the best halloween shows I had ever seen. We had a great turn out. I guessed around 275 people. My Achievement Day girls worked on the art work on the wall. Which added a lot to the gym. It was an awesome party.

Caramel Apples


Today I made caramel apples to take around the neighborhood to thank those who helped me with the neighborhood halloween party. The caramel took a few batches to perfect. Next time instead of homemade caramel I think I will use the caramel candies that you have to unwrap. As you can see I got carried away with the toppings on the apples. All the apples have a base layer of caramel and then maybe a topping. There is a peanut, caramel and chocolate apple, cinnamon sugar and white chocolate- known as the “apple pie” apple, Oreo and white chocolate black&white apple, coconut apple with chocolate and coconut.

New Start


Molly cannot sit still lately. She is almost 10 months old and always on the move. This is our new family blog. I hope to update it more then the other one I started.

The Great Salt Lake

We decided to enjoy a summer sunset at the Great Salt Lake.