Sea Quest


Lost Trees

50 sheets of construction paper and 4 hours of focus. Kate was quite proud of all the “valentines” she made. Molly and Elsie came in later and got in on the action. Kate really loves her projects.


All 3 girls are such a ray of sunshine right now. Today Kate shined at swim lessons in her new swim outfit. I was overwhelmed with the love and joy these girls bring.


I love it when they snuggle together. Even though in this picture Molly is trying to lick Kate’s cheek while Kate is sincerely trying to snuggle in. Molly quite hasn’t figured out yet that she gets to have a “play date” every minute when shes home with Kate.


Last night we attempted a valentines fondue dinner. I had cheese fondue with bread, chicken, potatoes and a rainbow of vegetables. The homemade cheese fondue was the very best on the artisan bread. I don’t think the kids ate much of it and I forgot to get a picture of it all because I was exhausted and starving by the time we gathered to eat. The girls were so naughty/tires in fact, we canceled chocolate fondue dessert that night and sent everyone to bed.

Tonight, I made bbq pulled pork over sweet potatoes topped with cheese and the girls inhaled them. So after the unannounced visit from our new home teachers, everyone was still happy enough we got to do fondue. The rule was if you dropped your food in the chocolate, you had to give someone a kiss! Needless to say there was a lot of kissing. We all had a great time.

In other valentines news, Kate has been hard at work making the perfect valentines for her Swim teacher named, Justin. I think she has a slight crush. I could not get her interested in making them for anyone else. And she had spent hours (yes, hours!) on them.

20 Weeks

We made it! Although, with my hips and insomnia I feel like I’m 35 weeks. We had an anatomy scan and saw my OBGYN a few days ago.

We confirmed, it’s still a boy 💙.

Women’s Conference

I was I charge of our Stake’s women’s conference luncheon today. It was a very simple menu compared to years past. We had chicken salad sandwiches, a Mandarin orange poppyseed spinach salad, chips, fresh strawberries and Texas sheet cake. I had a great crew, especially aunt Jules and my mom who came and helped in a huge way.

When I got home I dropped and realized I over did it with my body. I needed some down time.

Molly’s Testimony

Today she got up during church and bore her testimony about how excited she is to be getting a baby brother and she continued to say, “Yeah, he’s coming out ( insert long pause)… in June.” I was so nervous when she started this thought because she has had a lot of questions about how the baby comes out! So you can imagine my relief when she finished her sentence.

Elsie started nursery today! She is a month early but who’s to question the bishop when he plops her in there? On a side note, notice her front teeth. She now has almost 4 teeth…total. Molly calls her a “late fanger.”